To construct the future, you need to dive deep
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In 2018 and 2019, Hydroremont IG Ltd. performed activities on containment of oil spills from the hull of a sunken ship "Mopang".The project was implemented at a depth of over 30 m, in several separate stages as well follows:

Preparatory stage: Establishment of a working base in the port of Sozopol and mobilization of specialized diving ship, staff and equipment to work on the sunken object located at geographical coordinates 42°28.'04 N 27°41.'39 Е.

When performing the mobilization, in order to ensure accurate positioning of diving ship over the sunken ship "MOPANG", an installation of a specialized anchor system providing precise positioning has been carried out.

Underwater activity - first stage:

  • The underwater operation of extracting an oil-water emulsion from the hull of ship Mopang, started with dives, during which mapping was performed and a detailed inspection of the entire visible part of the sunken ship.
  • On the basis of the inspection carried out and the detailed scheme drawn up, a detailed plan for work shall be drawn up in which, despite the available technical documentation, once again determine the location of each tank, the state of construction of the ship, suitable places to provide access to the hold, drilling of technological openings, etc. For safety reasons, since as the sunken ship "lies" on the starboard side, its structure is severely weakened due to the lack of a large number of rivets and there are visible deformations on it, it have been required to dismantle the sheets from the shell plating of the port side. Thus, ensuring the safety of working divers, the risk of accidents and injuries were minimized and a safe place to access was provided to the hold rooms in which the spilled emulsion is available.
  • The extraction of the spilled petroleum-water emulsion was performed as in each separately hold room drilled process hole and installed a hose through which the oil-water emulsion is pumped to the surface, as in difficult accessible places, the spilled emulsion is pumped as the hose is directed manually by a diver.

Final stage:
Demobilization of the working base built on the territory of the port Sozopol, specialized diving ship and other vessels, specialized anchor system for precise positioning of the diver ship, staff and equipment.

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Kaliakra – 2 Reconnection

In 2019, Hydroremont IG Ltd. successfully performed an underwater operation to connect the gas production facilities of the Kaliakra-2 gas

field, located at a depth of 73 m, to the existing gas transmission infrastructure.

For this purpose, the following types of activities were performed:

Vessel mobilization (DSV) incl. accurate positioning above work area.

Decommissioning of existing hydraulic lines with diameter 1”.

Performing underwater inspections with a remote control device

(ROV), on the seabed intended for laying the tubular isometry

(tubular system with a complex spatial shape, composed of tubes with

nominal diameter - 10 ").

Laying on the seabed of new hydraulic lines, connecting hydraulic lines to existing underwater gas production facilities at the Kaliakra-2 gas field.

 Preparation of existing gas production facilities for connection to

tubular isometry.

Lowering the tubular isometry.

Connection to the existing - gas production facility.

Demobilization of the vessel and work teams.

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Purpose of the repair - restoration of the water tightness of the joints in the sections with watertight joints on a double channel for technical water supply. The repair was carried out with LECO materials of "Lestin & Co" Austria in conditions of constant operation of the hydraulic facility, given its importance. The joints were treated with LECO materials under conditions of continuous and strong water flow in the double channel. This shows the complexity of the task, which was performed very precisely and professionally. The site was completed in accordance with the rules for safety, control and quality of work in operational conditions of “Kozloduy NPP”.

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Registered inspections of the platform - including diving inspection of the columns, cathodes, flanges, connections and the condition of the paint.

Operational maintenance of the underwater equipment of the platform and the gas fields.

Diving inspection of the connections between the three columns and the primer slab and measurement of the capping mass on the slab.

Inspection of the vertical part of the pipeline and the fixing brackets.

Thickness of horizontal pipeline and vertical pipeline, risers and production pipes.

Laying and removal of pipeline on the shore.

Replacement of a defective section.

In order to build the future you need to dive deep

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