Underwater repairs of dam walls and water intake towers

The customer pays to get the best results without losing any unne­cessary time. So that is what we deliver.

The scope of work is agreed upon in advance after a thorough underwater inspection and the assignor is given the exact duration of the operation. Our many years of experience with a wide array of underwater repairs enable us to make an accurate estimation of the needed time for the underwater works.

Trying to lengthen the job is un- beneficial for the customer as well as for us because it is in direct opposition to what we are trying to establish: a relationship based on trust and excellent results. We give clear answers to any questions we receive and we deliver what we promise.

Over the years we have built long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners. Correct and direct communication is an essential factor in establishing and maintaining a network you can rely on. This allows us to quickly arrange the equipment needed for an operation.

We understand how important it is for the customers to keep their schedule. Delay for days or even weeks to have underwater repairs carried out or unplanned downhill drop of the dam  costs a tremendous amount of money. That is why we have developed technologies that allow us to perform underwater repairs within a very short time and to dry dock standards.

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