„Repair and Reconstruction of the main water pipeline for water-supply to Asparuhovo and Galata, Varna” – 2008-2009г.

  • Phase І – Crossing the old canal of Varna Lake

Two parallel water pipelines were built on the surface and were mounted two units of the water pipeline on the bottom of the canal. Two water pipelines were built with high density polyethylene pipes Ø630 Рn 10. Every water pipeline was measured for 270 l/sec with length 290 m.

  • Phase ІI – Crossing the new canal of Varna Lake

The existing pipes are used as a jacket for the laying of the new high density polyethylene pipes Ø630 pipes of the water pipeline. The existing inlet and outlet shafts were preserved as well as part of their fixture. Each of the new water pipelines is with length L=290m and the runs water with 270 l/sec.