Rehabilitation of the revetment of the water slope of dam wall “Belmeken” with tetrapodes, dam аrеа “Chaira”-2008-2011

Strengthening the dam between First and Second Berms, ie elevation between 1914 m and elevation 1900 m, with the laying of 21 000 pcs. tetrapodes and gabions. The filling of the destroyed sections for the recovery of the slope profile before the installation of the tetrapodes is made with gabions type “steel bag”, filled with stone. The laying of the tetrapodes is done under water in two layers. The arrangement of the tetrapodes is carried out by divers according an approved scheme by the investor, which guarantees the continuity of the first layer and the wedging of the tetrapodes through the mounting of upper (second) layer. The works are executed simultaneously from both ends of the dam.