ROV Services

rov seabotix “HYDROREMONT-IG” Ltd. owns а system for remotely operated underwater surveillance and inspections. Sea Botix LBV200-4 underwater surveillance system is equipped with a 250 m fiber optic cable. Through its powerful engine system speeds up to 4 knots and is able to carry items weighing up to 4 kg. The system records the depth and direction by compass, its inner temperature, outside temperature, and can work in ice water up to -15 ° C. ROV is able to access places with difficult access and apart from video shooting it also measures various parameters in the direct proximity of the respective object. Use of ROV considerably reduces the length of search rescue works, provides opportunity to observe the object for unlimited length of time at the same time performing the most detailed inspection possible. Increased depth or particularly difficult underwater conditions restricts physical and psychological human resources. Use of ROV decreases risk to the diver, and increases the safety and efficiency of underwater work.”