Diving services

І. Underwater activities on hydro-technical installations

1.Dams, WPP, TPP, NPP  

  •     Construction of hydro-technical installations
  •     Repair of water-intake installations – flat gates, rails, threshold constructions, reinforced-concrete constructions, grid replacement
  •     Laying of cables and pipelines
  •     Underwater cutting and welding of metal constructions and  reinforced concrete
  •     Underwater inspections and expertise, site assessment
  •     Underwater filming including with Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  •     Repair of flat gates, valves, pipeline replacement
  •     Repair of dismounting connections
  •     Repair and replacement of grids 

Sn.1- obekt KRZ

2. Port and coastal protection installations

  •     Breakwater construction and rehabilitation
  •     Slipways construction and repair
  •     Installation of floating docks
  •     Survey, design and building of infrastructural sites in the coastal and shallow water zone
  •     Real condition assessment of the sea ports and the needs of repair, reconstruction and construction of new sections
  •     Real condition assessment of the riverports, coastal protection installations, bridges and the need of repair, reconstruction and construction of  new installations
  •     Deep-water outfall – pre-design surveys – geodesy, capture of the ground, underwater survey, measuring the depths of the passage area of the pipelines, geology and cartography

Sn.2 - vylnolom

3. Offshore activities

  •     Register inspections of gas, oil platforms
  •     Repair works – pipeline connections
  •     Pipeline and installations laying
  •     Cleaning of constructions, thickness measurement, bathymetry 
  •     Survey and design of gas connections with crossing under waterways

Sn.3 Obekt belmeken

4. Register inspections of vessels

  •    Cleaning of hulls, steering gear for register inspections of vessels for Lloyd’s register of shipping, RINA, Bulgarian Register of Shipping
  •     Thickness measurement