To construct the future, you need to dive deep

"HYDROREMONT-IG" Ltd. strives to establish itself as a preferred contractor of underwater, engineering and dredging activities, construction and repair of hydraulic facilities, construction and repair of industrial and civil sites.

For this purpose, we are ambitious to develop a responsible business, ensuring the satisfaction of the desires of our customers by providing solutions and support for the implementation of even the most complex water projects while maintaining high quality services.

The operation of the company is subject to the applicable regulations and the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015, applicable to activities. We will strive to achieve excellence in all our business processes by setting goals to improve the quality of services offered, compatible with the strategic focus and context of the organization.

We are committed to taking iimmediate action to monitor deviations, prevent or reduce adverse effects, learn lessons and use them to define our practices, policies, objectives and procedures to continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of the integrated management system of quality, healthy and safe working conditions and environmental protection.

The management of the company constantly reviews the skills and competence of its employees, communicates, directs and assists the staff to contribute to the efficiency of the integrated system.

In order to achieve the goals of the management, they define specific measurement tasks for the implementation, which with their realization guarantee increase of the satisfaction of the clients.


Our commitment is responsible management of the company's activities to prevent pollution and the least possible negative impact on the environment. To increase the trust of our customers and partners, the company's management declares.

The company’s activity is subject to applicable to the activities regulations , the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and other requirements of the entities.

Establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the environmental management system through environmental solutions to achieve the expected results.

  • Prevent or reduce adverse effects, including the possibility of external environmental conditions affecting the organization;
  • Striving to integrate into European and world principles and practices of environmental management;
  • Identify its environmental aspects and related impacts, managing those it considers for significant, according to the degree of possible risk of adverse impacts by reducing them to as low as possible;
  • Overall and permanent assessment of the impact of the organization's activities on the environment, expressed through monitoring, analysis, control and efficient use of natural resources, energy, raw materials, emission sharing and waste generation and continuous pursuit of improvements;
  • Striving to improve the services offered to those that have the least possible negative impact on the environment;
  • Providing competent staff, informed about policy, significant aspects, potential and real environmental impacts related to their work, assigning a personal attitude to the importance of their contribution to achieving the efficiency of the system;
  • Willingness to respond to events with potential adverse effects on the environment, providing information and training of staff, as a guarantee of environmentally responsible work and reducing the risks of environmental incidents;
  • Building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and partners and setting requirements for environmental protection;

The Management of the organization, together with its employees, works to constantly improve the offered products and services, completed in healthy and safe working conditions, meeting the expectations of the entities in strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Practical implementation of the policy will be achieved through:
Maintain a system for managing health and safety working conditions (ISO 45001:2018) and reinforce the principles and procedures to ensure the health and safety of personnel. Engaging the personnel to prevent injury and illness, to continuously improve the management of health and safety at work and improve the results in terms of health and safety at work. Development in senior management and operating staff of diligence and personal responsibility and precision skills when meeting the requirements of health and safety at work and demonstrating the skills to the entities.

Ensure full compliance with and observance of the requirements of current legislation relating to health and safety hazards at work and the other requirements adopted by the organization.

Establishment of trust, honesty and sharing information with customers, suppliers and supervisory bodies. Announcement, introduction and familiarization of staff at all levels of policy on health and safety and their responsibility for its realization. Regular updates based on feedback from the measurement of its implementation, evaluating the adequacy of the changed conditions, announcing the changes in personnel in the shortest possible time.

Providing a healthy and safe working conditions for staff

  • Preparation for actions in emergency situations;
  • Making all necessary efforts to prevent diseases, incidents and accidents;

For the realization of the set objectives, the Management and executive staff will work purposefully and with common efforts, strictly following the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015.

Date: March 15, 2019
/Eng. Ivaylo Ivanov/
In order to build the future you need to dive deep

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