To construct the future, you need to dive deep


We are confident in providing a very high standard for our services, performed by highly qualified and capable diving teams. Our team has a strong understanding of the equipment, techniques and systems needed to successfully provision of our services.

Diving inspection of the condition of anchor chains; underwater cleaning of pontoons from fouling; replacement of structural elements of underwater fasteners.

Underwater inspections are a major part of ship repairs. Using the advantage of the latest technologies and know-how, "Hydroremont IG" offers its customers unique diving services for monitoring the hull of ships. This gives the shipowners full control over the underwater part of the hull and the underwater equipment of the vessel. This allows for an adequate decision to be taken in the follow-up. Identifying problems at an early stage would save a lot of costs in the long run.

Divers from "Hydroremont IG" can perform underwater inspections on site very quickly without disrupting the ship's schedule.

As fuel costs amount to around 40% of operating costs, reducing fuel consumption is a major goal for shipowners. Irregularities in the underwater part of the hull, marine pollution, bent propellers and poor paint condition are factors that increase fuel consumption due to resistance and subsequent inefficiency created by the damaged or affected part. The survey data can be used to assess whether certain actions are needed.

Our professional divers are trained in a wide range of underwater activities and can perform inspections in a port or at anchor anywhere in the world. The owner of the ship will be very pleased with the saved fuel and increased speed. It is not necessary to wait for the next planned dry dock to install the underwater propulsion elements of the ship. He will get his money back for an underwater installation in just a few months. The savings are significant.

In order to build the future you need to dive deep

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